Important information regarding your pets welfare

We reserve the right to take your dog or cat to the vet if they become ill whilst on holiday with us even if it is out of hours.  However we will always try to make contact on the emergency number that has been left with us first.  Please always keep us updated of change of numbers.  If we get no reply from any of the numbers provided, your animals welfare will come first and a decision will be made in the animals best interest.

Burnley Pet Boarding Centre are not responsible for the costs incurred with the vet.

I hope everyone understands that the animals welfare has to come first.

Thank you for reading.


Vaccination cards must be brought with you on arrival.

  1. Dates of annual vaccinations
  2. Dates of Kennel Cough vaccinations (This vaccination is optional)

Whilst kennel cough is not a life threatening condition and most dogs recover on their own it is highly contagious and is air born, we do use expensive disinfectant for kennel cough, however when dogs mix with other dogs it can very easily be passed on whether in the park, kennels or dog walkers, therefore it is always best to be innoculated for kennel cough.  Dogs must be vaccinated 2 weeks prior to arrival, if you choose to have it done, due to it being a live vaccine.